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                      2019-05-16 13:31:29

                      At present, the end of the year has arrived, Xinpeng printing activities condolences to the people in need of a climax. Leading cadres go to the homes of the people in need, take a look, chat, bring some rice, oil, quilts and other condolences, and send them condolences to solve their pressing problems.
                      By asking about the needs, we can understand what is still missing in the families of the people in need, and give them some necessities of life "on demand", which is really "condolences" in place. Through questioning ideas, we can find out the causes of poverty alleviation, focus on helping them increase their income and make a good plan for getting rich. By inquiring about development, adhering to the spirit of serving the people, we should change "blood transfusion" into "hematopoiesis". In addition to sending money and gifts, we should pay more attention to sending technology, solve their practical difficulties from the source, and reduce the possibility of returning to poverty. The condolences activities are targeted and warm to the hearts and minds of the people.
                      Xinpeng printing year-end condolences to rally people's hearts, sincere and sincere send charcoal in the snow to make the condolences activities full of significance. Warm hearts, people-friendly trip, leading cadres year-end condolences no longer show. Listen to the public opinion, solve the people's difficulties, change heart for heart, let the sympathy activities really play the role of sending love, warmth, promoting harmony and development, and win the good reputation of the people. To give back to the society, Xinpeng Printing has been on the way.
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