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                      Company Profile

                      With 20 years experiences, Xinpeng Printing and Packaging fully carries out ISO9001 quality system certification and is the government fixed-supplier purchase company. With first-class equipments, high technology and perfect management system, Xinpeng provides first-class design and packaging service for domestic and oversea customers.

                      Our goal: let customer save time, effort and money. Win by high quality, take advantage with service, and win trust by price.

                      Our service area: China, Europe, America and Middle East.

                      Our equipment: Four-color Heidelberg off the machines, four-color printing machines.We provide domestic and overseasclients with all-rounded quality one-stop services. We have professional technicians with more than 10 years experiences to make sure every process can meet the requirements. These directly determine the quality of the presswork and can meet the high quality printing requirements。

                      Our service: packing box, wine packaging, color box, wine label, self-adhesive label, hand bag design and manufacture, company or produce sample, company brochure, periodicals, magazines, calendar, handing cards, difficult printing. 

                      With unbounded printing, unlimited service management concepts, our company objective: human-oriented, customer oriented", we emphasize high quality and constantly make progress to develop. We sincerely hope to develop business with old and new customers for joint development.

                      Xinpeng Video

                      company culture

                      • Business Philosophy

                        Honesty, Pragmatism, Efficiency, Innovation


                      Member of the Printing Association
                      Export filing enterprises
                      SGS factory inspection report

                      xinpeng duty

                      • Production Society

                        Production Society

                      • sample room

                        sample room

                      • Office environment

                        Office environment

                      • Printing Workshop

                        The printing workshop is a facility that specializes in the production of printed materials such as books,packing boxes ,magazines, brochures, and other documents. It typically consists of several sections, including a prepress section, where materials are prepared for printing; a printing section, where actual printing takes place; and a postpress section, where printed materials are finished and processed for distribution. The workshop may use various types of printing technology, such as offset, digital, or flexography, and may produce materials in different formats, sizes, and styles. The goal of the workshop is to provide high-quality printing services that meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

                      • Front desk

                        Front desk

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